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It surprises me many people have so to say ready-made concepts how to reason and decide in rather difficult and complex decision situations. Having studied the phenomenon for many years I have concluded these concepts applied are based upon a kind of “political view”, more or less disregarding the complexity itself.

One thought having occupied me for a longer period of time is summarized in the article about the sky rocket:

Presume we build an enormous space ship and send it out for an endless journey as a modern Ark of Noa – how would I act if I was the captain of this ship?

We all know decision makers are constantly criticized for their decisions, but it will never be possible to make decisions satisfying all groups in the world since most complex decisions cannot be treated as problems to solve, but rather situations where a certain compromise is to be found. The difference in solving a problem and finding a compromise is enormous of course.

In a way it is threatening to our intellectuality there are problems not possible to solve, situations of life that only can be met with bad compromises and not optimal wonderful solutions. What is important however, is studying the problem to be sure this really is the problem since we will only look in the sphere of the problem formulated when looking for compromises or solutions, thus making it necessary to make sure the problem really is the problem to treat.

Somehow I like the "Problem of the sky rocket" since it will cover most aspects of human life and it can be developed into an absolute complexity comparable to Plato's "The Republic" which still has to be regarded as one of the most interesting books ever written.

The complexity of using nuclear power

Three major accidents have occured in the world during 30 years; in USA, Ukraine and Japan. It was once said the probability was extremely low for serious accidents.

IAEA has a special page about the accident in Chernobyl with interviews and pictures. Many things that are said are really worth thinking of. Nuclear power is "clean" from a carbondioxide point perspective, but it still remains a controversial energy source.
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Environmental anorexia

There is an obvious risk man will enter a situation of "Environmental anorexia" with an endless hunt for being environmental friendly, but there is not such human life.
The behavioural pattern behind anorexia is in a way a strict logic applied to life and this very pattern can easily be transferred to a logic aiming at environmental friendliness, which never will be reached becuase there is always another step to make to reduce ones negative influence on the environment.


Imagine you are the captain of a rocket

This rocket has been built to send away a group of human beings, as well as animals and plants, to find a new world far away from our own solar system and it will travel generation after generation to an unknown future.

How would you control the ship taking its future journey into consideration? What strategy would you apply to keep the sensitive balance of all the internal processes? What knowledge would you have to develop among your crew, what philosophy and idal would you prefer to base your decision making upon? Maybe you would prefer anarchism or ultraconservatism?
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Now you are Jacob Zuma...

You are Mr Jacob Zuma, prime minister of South Africa, and you are expected to decide if natural gas from the Karoo desert is to be extracted or not taking The Precautionary Principle into consideration. How would you reason and what would you decide?

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